Samarkand accommodation

Private B&Bs (Starred)
Malika ***
Orient Star ***
Sher Dor***
Furkat **

Private B&Bs (Starless)
Sevara 1 & Sevara 2 B&B
Shakhname B&B
Bahodir B&B
Antique B&B


Prices of hotels
in Samarkand

Samarkand Zarina hotel
"Convenient location and modern accommodation".

15 rooms: 1 single rooms; 9 double bedrooms with two single beds; 4 double bedrooms with double beds; 1 room with three beds / air conditioning / satellite TV / telephone / Internet / Room service / shower or bath. Restaurant. Bar. Internet. Fax and copy machine. Laundry and ironing. Conference hall.

Samarkand Sherdor hotel
"Refined style.
Congenial to Jews".

20 double bedrooms with two single beds / shower / air conditioning / telephone / Internet / satellite TV / hair dryers. Summer Restaurant. Sauna.  Bar. Internet. Fax. Laundry and ironing. Kosher food.

Samarkand Kamila hotel Kamila
"Local interpretation
of the luxury".

29 rooms: 11 single rooms (four of them with the king-size beds); 8 double bedrooms with two single beds; 10 double bedrooms with double beds (one of them de-luxe); 1 double room can be transformed for three and one for four beds; air conditioning / satellite or local TV / bath or shower. International telephone at the reception. Restaurant. Laundry. Summer swimming pool. Conference hall.

Samarkand Sevara hotel Sevara 1 & 2
"Isn't big, but cozy".

10 rooms: 9 double bedrooms with two single beds; 1 double bedroom with double bed / air conditioning / satellite TV / shower. International telephone at the reception. Preparing food by customer's order. Laundry and ironing. Sauna. Gymnasium.

Samarkand Shakhname hotel
Shakhname B&B
"Immediate step in progress".

6 double bedrooms with two single beds / shower / air conditioning / satellite TV /. Restaurant. Internet, Fax and Telephone at the reception. Laundry and ironing.

Samarkand Hotels: Information and Reservation

Now, when you seek accommodation in Samarkand, you don't have to feel uncertain about accommodation. On this page you find the adverts of 14 hotels, which are not of the kind of soviet fashion hotels, but the modern inns of present-day Samarkand. The existence in itself of such hotels became possible only when soviet regime fell.

Except two palaces all inns presented are private. Therefore the difference between them is as the difference between people. Some is rich, another isn't too rich, but is assiduous. We should then learn the difference between substantials and circumstantials.

The foremost hotels "Orient Star" and "Malika" are close to satisfying requirements of most tourists, not only of ordinary taste, but also of refined. To speak naturally, their conveniences often are not only useful for satisfaction of body necessities, but also are aesthetically beautiful.

Perhaps, "Furkat" hotel is not so advanced as "Orient Star" or "Malika" but in its own way "Furkat" is also well-found inn with modern conveniences and good reputation.

Also pay attention to "Sherdor" hotel. At the erection and decoration of Sherdor's building natural building materials and refined folk arts' work were used. The hotel is congenial to Jews. Recently they had put into operation new summer restaurant with kosher food.

"Kamila" is also very nice and richly decorated place. Except TV and telephone services everything else is on very good level.

"Zarina" is currently mounting certain energetic attempts on perfection of some of the parts of their services. Anyway "Zarina" is very attractive and nice.

"Shakhname" is recently built B&B with common modern conveniences. "Sevara" isn't big, but cozy place with sauna and small gymnasium.

After all there is no difference worth to be cited for conveniences among all other private inns.

Location. "Zarina", "Antique B&B" and "Bonu-Sh" are nonpareils in this category, each in its own place. Right behind them go "Bahodir B&B" and "Furkat". When you come from Tashkent, most easily to find "Kamila" and "Orient Star". But, as a matter of fact, in Samarkand you don't have to be too much wary about inn's location because the city isn't large. Regardless of location you can reach most remarkable places within 15-20 minutes walk. You can also compare location of all hotels with the help of our e-map.

Communications. "Malika", "Orient Star", "Sherodor" and "Zariana" provide International telephone service and Internet access (with guest's notebook) directly from the hotel rooms. All other private inns have at least telephone set in Reception and computer with an Internet access.

Prices. "Bahobir B&B" is indubitably leading in this category. If you would regard as acceptable co-use of conveniences as shower and W.C. with other guests, then price could come to $5 per person including breakfast. On the whole, prices in other private inns vary from $15 to $30 per person including breakfast. In "Orient Star" the price of breakfast, which amounts $7, can be excluded from the whole price. In "Kamila" drivers / interpreters reside free of charge.

Safety and legality. All hotels you find on this page are licensed enterprises. The general rule is you must be registered within 72 hours of entering the country. Every tourist as a rule must be registered in a hotel. So make sure that you receive registration in hotel where you stay. Every licensed hotel must unconditionally provide you with registration. "Orient Star" has own security service. All other private hotels do not have security services, but all the same are safe enough.

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Samarkand President hotel

165 rooms (including 4 apartments and 5 suites) air conditioning / satellite TV, International telephone / mini bar. Restaurant. Lobby bar. Night bar. Swimming pool. Souvenir shop. Tennis courts. Sauna. Jacuzzi
Samarkand Afrosiab Palace hotel

278 rooms including single, twin, de luxe and apartments: air conditioning / TV / mini-bar / direct dial telephone / balcony. Restaurants and banquet halls. Swimming pool. Sauna, massage room and sports club. Snack bar, lobby bar, express bar, night bar, bar-museum. Conference hall for 301 seats with simultaneous translation. Gift shops, art gallery. Beauty saloon. Transportation services. Parking.

Temporary does not act

Samarkand Bonu-Sh hotel Bonu-Sh
"In the shadow of Bibi Khonym".

12 rooms: 1 single room; 9 double bedrooms with two single beds; 1 double bedroom with double bed; 1 room with three single beds / shower / air conditioning. Telephone & Internet at the reception. Conference hall. Laundry.

Samarkand Najiba hotel Najiba
"New opportunities at the historic intersection".

4 rooms: 2 double bedrooms with two single beds; 1 double bedroom with double bed; 1 room with three single beds / shower / air conditioning. Telephone at the reception. Restaurant. Conference hall. Laundry.

Note: in case we book unrecommended hotels we ask to pay a booking.

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Samarkand Malika hotel
Malika ***
"Plunge into eastern stile".

26 double bedrooms: 20 with two single beds, 6 with double beds / bath or shower / air conditioning / telephone / Internet / satellite TV. Restaurant. Conference hall.

Samarkand Orient Star hotel
Orient Star ***
"Modern conveniences & oriental hospitality".

35 double bedrooms (4 de-luxe ones) with two single beds each + cots if necessary / bath or shower / air conditioning / telephone / Internet / satellite TV / mini-bar. Pool. Conference hall. Currency exchange office. Souvenir Shop.

Samarkand Furkat hotel
Furkat **
"Look at the ancients from your window".

26 rooms: 4 single rooms; 16 double bedrooms with two single beds; 4 double bedrooms with double beds; 2 rooms with three single beds. Sauna ( in one room) / air conditioning / satellite TV / mini-bar / room service / bath or shower. International telephone at the reception. Restaurant. Laundry and ironing. Three conference halls.

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Samarkand Antique B&B Hotel Antique B&B
"Friendly reception nearby to Gur-Emir".

It has 10 rooms: 7 double bedrooms with two single beds; 3 rooms with three single beds / shower / air conditioning / telephone in 50% rooms / local TV / Telephone, fax and Internet at the reception. Restaurant. Laundry.

Samarkand Bahodir hotel Bahodir B&B
"Cheap is not necessarily means bad!"

11 rooms: 1 single & 10 double bedrooms with two single beds each + cots if necessary / shower / air conditioning in two rooms / TV in two rooms. Telephone & Internet at the reception. Two outdoor toilets & two showers. Laundry.



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