Sher Dor hotel in Samarkand.
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The License#: 049-04.

This lately built modern hotel was opened in 2004, and it supplemented number of best private B&B inns of Samarkand. Now it's  a three-star hotel. The Hotel's facilities are convenient for those who make a business trip or traveling for tourism. At the erection and decoration of the hotel's building natural building materials and refined folk arts' work were used. The hotel is ideally located in the center of the city that is full of unique ancient monuments. The most significant historical sights of Samarkand are situated at a walking distance from the hotel's place. At the same time, to close the distance between hotel and International Airport of Samarkand or City Railroad-station nothing but fifteen minutes' ride by car is necessary. There are City Park, a few restaurants and nice open-air cafes beside the hotel. When you look for a path to the hotel place, keep in mind the sign on opposite side of the street that it's easy to memorize. It's the functioning Catholic temple named after Saint John..

Sher Dor hotel in Samarkand.
Exterior  Examine

Sher Dor hotel in Samarkand.
Hall  Examine

When you go into the hotel building, the first room where you find yourselves is a cozy hall well appointed with the modern furniture, bar and TV set. The hall is equally good as to be used as cocktail lounge and for business meetings as well.

Recently  "Sherdor"  had put into operation new summer restaurant with Uzbek national, international and kosher food.

Hotel has a charming courtyard where an inimitable climate of oriental dwelling house is waiting for guests. A courtyard is of the necessities of life when you live in hot weather. The evening cup of tea with friends on oriental courtyard is truly unforgettable.

Sher Dor hotel in Samarkand.
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Sher Dor hotel in Samarkand.
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The hotel has 20 living rooms. Each room is arranged for two persons and has two single beds. Upon the customer's request the beds can be pushed together. All beds have the same standard size: 200x90 centimeters. The rooms cannot be transformed for an abode of three persons. As an exception, a child can be the third person when it is convenient to share a bed with one of parents.
Each room equipped with a lavatory and shower cubicle,
hair dryers are available.
The rooms also equipped with satellite television system with more than 300 international TV channels available.
The telephone sets with international access and consequently Internet and e-mail services are also available in each room.
Because of air-conditioning system, which is perfectly working, in all of the living rooms remains stable a thermal regime.
The mini-bar service as an additional service can be provided upon the customer's request. The price of beverages is extra, which is not included in room service price.

Recently constructed sauna is waiting for guest.

The campsite is a place in mountains near to Samarkand, on about 6 hectares of land. The combination of clean air, mountain stream, sunshine and a picturesque natural environment makes this campsite a perfect place for a holiday. Those who love to live outdoors, to breathe country air and to be in close contact with nature, can feel there all the amenities of outdoor life. The holiday camp consists of some simple facilities that, nevertheless, have the only mission to sink customer into nerveless rest.

Sher Dor hotel in Samarkand.
Campsite  Examine

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Other services available for an extra fee:
- guides, excursions;
- interpreters;
- transfers;
- souvenir shop;
- laundry. 
Note: Guides and interpreters provide their services in English, German, French and Italian.
Note: When customers come or depart, the personnel of hotel can meet or see them off at the place of arrival/departure. All arrangements for a transfer to & from hotel and also any other services related to transportation and ticketing, are available for an extra fee.

Upon special requests the business meetings, seminars, conferences and official receptions can be organized in the interests of customers.
Note: If you need more information about additional services and prices, please contact us via e-mail.

91M, Koshgari Str.
Samarkand, 703000

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