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- Dedeman
- Grand Raddus-JSS
- Elite
- Glen Eden
- Grand Mir
- Grand Orzu
- Tashkent Palace Hotel
- Malika
- Markaziy
- Miracle
- Orzu
- Poytaht
- Radisson SAS
- Raddus-JSS
- Rovshan
- Sam Buh Elite
- Viva
- Le Grande Plaza
- Diphotel
- Intercontinental
- Shodlik Palace
- Tsorbi
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- Chorvoq Oromgohi
- Beldersay Resort
- Snow Bars
- Bogi-Shamol
- Oltin Olma
- Samorodok

- Madrasah of
  Abdulkasim Sheikh

- Madrasah of Barakhan
- Dzhuma Mosque
- Kaffol Shoshiy

- Khalfo Bobo Mausoleum
- Sheikh Zaynudin

- Kukeldash Madrasah
- Namazgokh Mosque
- Qaldirghochbiy

- Sheikh Hovendi
  at-Tahur (Sheihantaur) M.

- Unus Khan Mausoleum
- Zangiata Mausoleum

- More
- Abdulla Kodiry
  Recreation Park

- A. Navoi National Park
- Amir Temur Public Garden
- Bobur Park
- Boghi Eram Recreation Park
- Botanical Garden
- Fidoyilar Public Garden

- Beruniy Square
- Bobur Square
- Darkhon Square
- Eskidjuva Square
- Mustaqillik Maydony

Tashkent Map


Market Post Office Bank Shops Monument
Gov. Building Mosque Hotel Synagogue Architectural Monument
Cemetery Park / Garden Hospital Theatre Restaurant
Philharmonic / Conservatory Booking-office Church Museum Inquiry office
Tashkent Map - Toshkent city
Toshkent or Tashkent, city, eastern Uzbekistan, capital of the country and of Toshkent Wiloyat (Toshkent Oblast). Located in an oasis near the Chirchik River in a cotton- and fruit-growing region, Toshkent is a major industrial and transportation center and was the largest city of the former Soviet Central Asia. It has industries producing machinery, cotton and silk textiles, chemicals, tobacco products, and furniture. A center of Uzbek culture, Toshkent has several large libraries and is the seat of the Uzbek Academy of Sciences and numerous other institutions of higher learning. A subway system was opened here in 1977. The first mention of Toshkent dates from the 7th century AD, although it was probably founded by the 1st century BC. The city was conquered, successively, by the Arabs in the 8th century, by Genghis Khan in the early 13th century, and by Tamerlane in the 14th century. It was annexed by Russia in 1865, and a new Russian city was built around the older town. This city, whose name means "Stone Fortress" - a title adopted in the 11th century, though Tashkent's roots date back to the dawn of the first millennia A.D. - has the look of a modern metropolis. Little remains of the old city, thanks to a leveling April, 1966, earthquake and the subsequent Soviet rebuilding In 1966. Toshkent became the capital of independent Uzbekistan in 1991. Population is about 2,400,000.

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Hotel Intercontinental Hotel Markaziy Le Meridien Tashkent Palace Hotel Shodlik Palace Poytaht Hotel Dedeman Hotel Konservatory Monument to Amir Timur Sheikh Hovendi at-Tahur (Sheihantaur) Mausoleum Qaldirghochbiy Mausoleum Unus Khan Mausoleum Madrasah of Abdulkasim Sheikh Dzhuma Mosque (the Main Friday Mosque) Kukeldash Madrasah Namazgokh Mosque Madrasah of Barakhan Kaffol Shoshiy Mausoleum Khalfo Bobo Mausoleum